Lab Members

Nicholas Stroustrup

Group Leader in the EMBL/CRG Systems Biology Unit

BS.E Electical Engineering, Ph.D Systems Biology

Nicholas is an electrical engineer and molecular geneticist studying aging and complex systems approaches in physiology.  He was a graduate student with Walter Fontana
and an independent research fellow in Harvard’s Department of Systems Biology .

Rute Fernandes

Marie Curie Postdoctoral fellow
Rute has a Ph.D in Physics, and is interested in applying advanced microscopy techniques to study protein aggregation.

Matthias Eder

Postdoctoral Fellow
Matthias has a Ph.D Quantitative Genetics, and is interested in developing transcription methods to study physiologic variation during aging

Lucia Sedlackova

Postdoctoral Fellow
Lucia has a Ph.D in Biosciences, and is interested in various topics including mitophagy and NAD(H)

Daisuke Chihara

Laboratory Manager
Ph.D Developmental Genetics

Olivier Martin

Ph.D Student
M.Sc Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
Masters in Biochemistry

Natasha Oswal

Ph.D Student
M.Sc Biotechnology

Andrea del Carmen Fabregat

Ph.D Student
M.Sc in Translational Medicine


Monika Matusiak-Brückner
Ph.D Student

Emanuele Fara
BIST Masters student

JaiQi Cheng Zhang
CRG Summer Intern

Marcel Buen
BIST Masters Student

Sofia Stroustrup
CRG Summer Intern